NEW Winning Edge Biscuit

Winning Edge Kibble & Biscuits are pleased to announce the launch of our NEW Winning Edge Biscuit. The NEW Winning Edge Biscuit is replacing our existing Winning Edge 4×2. The best feature about the NEW Winning Edge Biscuit is that they are approx 40% cheaper than the exiting Winning Edge 4×2. There are some other significant advantages with the NEW Winning Edge Biscuit and they are:

  • The cooking process is now extruded then baked, thus increasing digestibility of the biscuit resulting in better utilization of the ingredients (Vitamins and Minerals).
  • Improved portion control, the NEW Winning Edge Biscuit is now smaller in size allowing you the trainer greater control over your greyhound’s intake.

The NEW Winning Edge Biscuit is the ideal morning feed or treat for greyhounds of all ages and complements the existing Winning Edge range perfectly

  • Winning Edge Kibble (12/2)
  • Winning Edge Platinum (20/12)
  • Winning Edge Puppy (29/14)

NOTE: The Winning Edge 09/10 Promotion has just started, to enter keep all barcodes from the Winning Edge range & send to:

Winning Edge Promotion
PO Box 98
Caringbah NSW 1495
Support the company that supports you – WINNING EDGE!

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